Samantha York

“I hope to make a colossal difference in this world and to share the love of God with everyone I come in contact with.”

Yes, that’s how our next award winner, Samantha York describes her personal goals.  And when you meet her tonight, you’re going to see she’s already doing it.

Samantha is actively involved in her community volunteering with a program for special needs children, volunteering in her church nursery, making care baskets for children battling cancer, and participating in numerous walks for cancer.

At the Nashville School of Arts, where she will graduate with 12 college credits from taking Dual Enrollment Courses, and she’s the newspaper editor and a member of the National Honor society.

But, of course we can’t stop there.  Because while she Samantha was doing all of this, she also spent almost six years caring for her mother who was diagnosed in 2006 with Stage four bone cancer.  Yes, that meant balancing homework and caring for a younger brother while at the same time, managing her mother’s medical care.

And when her mother passed away in 2012, did Samantha give up and take the easy path going forward as would be more normal of a 17 year old?

Well, I know you know the answer.  No, she didn’t.  In fact, our Bootstrapper did the opposite and stepped in to manage the household, her little brother, and decided to become a pediatric oncology nurse to “make her mom proud.”

Because as April Gung, her school counselor wrote, “Samantha has a hard-won wisdom and appreciation for life that humbles those around her.  Furthermore, Samantha has used her moms’ example as a motiving source to serve others.  She exudes understanding, concern and encouragement.”