Rustin Gann

Now, our next Bootstrap winner made my week.  Because our next Bootstrap winner has his eye on my job – and I just know he’s going to get it done.

Rustin will graduate from Hendersonville High School this month and most of the other seniors there, just being a student would be enough.  But that is certainly not Rustin.

In addition to maintaining a high GPA, taking eleven honor courses and a member of FFA, HOSA and DECA, Rustin works 20 to 30 hours a week to help support his family.   And he doesn’t stop there; he’s also helping to take care of his younger siblings so his step-father can work extra hours.  And even through all of this, he’s not missed a bit of school.

So, it is not a surprise that his teachers, employers and counselors would describe Rustin with words like: outstanding leadership, maturity, caring personality, organization and dedication.

But let me let you in on another piece of the story – one that Rustin rarely shared with those around him.  Rustin’s mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and they lost her much sooner than even the doctors predicted.

But Rustin continued to get it done.  His grades remained high.  His attendance strong.  His work hours lengthy. His support of his family constant.

At the Board meeting last week Rustin gave the credit for his success to his mom, saying that she had it all planned out for him.

But what is it that they say, the best laid plans only become reality when someone is willing to step up and get it done.  Yes, I think that describes Rustin, perfectly.  He’s the one that is getting it done.