Renee Cutri

Renee CutriBy her senior year of high school Renee Cutri had experienced the sort of trials and tribulations that most people don’t experience in their entire lifetime. She was homeless twice; once as a toddler when her father left, and once again when her mother abandoned Renee and her younger brother her senior year of high school.   She took a job at Taco Bell working 30+ hours a week while attending high school full time.

Despite her harsh circumstances, Renee excelled in school as an honor student and graduated with an impressive 3.8 GPA. During her senior year, one of Renee’s teachers became aware of her difficult situation and decided to take her into their home and eventually became her guardian.

When asked what her key to success is Renee says, “Despite my obstacles, it’s been my drive to be the best person that I can possibly be.“

Her lifelong dream is to become an elementary school music teacher where she can help and teach children going through difficult times how to cope and handle what life throws at them. She hopes that someday everything she has striven to achieve will be able to be used to inspire and help others.