Miranda Stoops

This year our Selection Committee interviewed our 14 finalists. Our next winner was asked the question “What would you do with the Bootstraps Scholarship?” Her response, in part, “I promise I won’t waste it.”

And after meeting our next recipient, Miranda Stoops, I’m certain you’ll agree with me that there is no fear of that happening.

Miranda entered this world at a mere 3 lbs, 14 oz – less than a sack of sugar you’d pick up at the grocery store. Yet, her small size was not the only thing that came with Miranda, she was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy – the evidence in her life everyday. From multiple surgeries on her back, legs and feet and chronic pain, this amazing young woman has not let any of this get in her way.

Miranda carries a GPA of 3.84, is actively involved in STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand), Noah’s Promise, FCA, the No H8 Club and volunteering at the Shalom Zone.

And will she stop there? No, Miranda already plans to attend Union University next year and as she says – “to study Psychology and Sociology, because I believe the world’s problems could be fixed and changed just by how people see themselves.”

Waste it? No, I have no worries that this young lady won’t waste one penny of her Bootstraps Scholarship.