Lucinda Birdine

lucinda-birdineLucinda’s father left for good when she was just seven years old, leaving her mother to care for her and her brother. Soon, her mother headed down the wrong path, leaving her and her brother alone for several weeks at a time.

Eventually, the children were placed with their grandmother who became over protective and refused to allow Lucinda to participate in sports and other after school activities. This naturally led to rebellion, an attraction to the wrong crowd, and eventually Lucinda becoming a mother at age 13.

Lucinda claims that before the birth of her daughter Octavia, she had no aspirations to attend college. But with a baby, she desired a brighter future for the both of them, and began to get serious about schooling.

She graduated from Maplewood High School with a B average in all Honors and AP courses. Being a child with a child, she plans on majoring in Child Psychology in college.