Kylie Flowers

KylieFlowersThough tough, Kylie Flowers is one that will tell you the obstacles she has faced in her lifetime have made her stronger. From the loss of both parents to raising her Autistic brother essentially on her own, Kylie worked to her maximum capacity to honor her deceased parents and to prove to herself that her capabilities were endless.

Kylie, her younger brother Kelsey, and parents has a normal lifestyle in Tallahassee, Florida. Though four years apart, Kylie and Kelsey became close when he was diagnosed with Autism at age two. Kylie and her mother were his main caretakers. Everything seemed to be working out well for the Flowers family, until a sudden divorce ended the parents’ marriage, and Kylie and Kelsey moved into a new house with their mother. Their stay was short though, because their mother died unexpectedly just three months after the split. The children moved back into their old house, where their father had stayed.

As a single parent, Mr. Flowers had to work a lot, leaving Kylie home alone to raise Kelsey. Many times, the kids would be asleep before their dad arrived home, but Kylie always made sure that Kelsey was bathed and fed, seeing as she was required to act as his mother. Early one morning at age fourteen, Kylie answered a knock at the door, and immediately noticed the police car in place of her dad’s truck in the driveway. In tears, an officer informed her that her father had fallen asleep at the wheel and had passed away early that morning on his way home. Kylie and Kelsey once again moved homes, this time coming to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to live with their dad’s parents.

Since moving in with her Nana and Papa, Kylie plans to take everything she has learned and apply that to her future. After college, she plans to be a nurse and specialize in Neo-natal nursing. Overcoming hardship and finding a balance in her life has been the key to her success.