John Dirugeris

John Dirugeris – Both of John’s parents suffered from chronic illnesses, and he is a caregiver to each and his grandpa too! Complicating this is that John’s parents are divorced, so on any given day he may need to bring home dinner or groceries for either one on his way home from work. These circumstances require a great deal of self-reliance and determination. John stays very busy with “The Purple Masque Players” and the Bowling Team. John attends Mass nearly every day, assisting Fr. Menezes in setting up for Mass. Elizabeth Coyle, Dean of Campus Ministry, says “…I began to realize [that this volunteering] common with John, he took on much work and asked for zero credit…. When I see the lit candles next to the altar each morning, candles that he daily lights, I see the quiet light of John that perseveres despite the many, many obstacles in his daily life.” John is attending Lipscomb University.