Ferlicia Ranellucci

As Diane Connolly, St. Cecilia school counselor, wrote in her submission “Ferlicia Vallenana Ranellucci has a big name — and equally big dreams.” And once you meet Ferlicia, you’ll understand how she is well on her way to achieving them.

A private person by nature, you’d never know it when you saw Ferlicia stand up in the Mock Trial Team at the county-wide competition in which she wowed the panel of attorney judges and won the top award of Best Defense Attorney in Davidson County. Or when this fiercely determined young woman, had two firms, offer her summer internships on the spot, with one of the judges stating “I don’t know what it’s called, but she’s got it!”

That was until her grandmother stepped in and helped to build that “it” with her shine. And boy has it shined! From maintaining a B+ grade point average, to being chosen as an ambassador for St. Cecilia and holding leadership positions in Art Club and Spanish Honor Society.

Yes, we all know Ferlicia will be the corporate attorney that she has her sights set on. But, I bet that’s not all of Ferlicia’s story. Just the next big dream.