Da’Sean Hancock

Here is how Da’Sean Hancock starts his application –

“My name is Da’Sean Hancock, and one day I am going to become a lawyer.”  Sounds to me like this young man knows where he’s headed.

And, as you get to know Da’Sean and he shares with you his story tonight of how he can state so clearly where he’s headed, I think you’ll understand why it is without a doubt that Da’Sean will in fact one day be a lawyer, and even pursue his dream of serving as an elected official.

Da’Sean’s school counselor describes Da’Sean as someone that chose to change his life from a direction of ruin to one of success.  Following middle school, Da’Sean entered high school with low grades and behavior issues.  However, things changed, and about sophomore year, he moved to A’s and B’s.  He got involved with student government and debate.  And he didn’t stop there.

This year, as a senior, he is taking AP and honors classes and serves as the Student Government Association President of Hillwood High School.  He is an Academy Ambassador and in the National Honor Society.  He’s on varsity football and track and field.  And last summer he was even selected to do an internship with a local law firm.

So, I’m going to let Da’Sean share with you what he shared in his application and with our board last week about how he got so certain of where he is headed because of where he’s been.  And, it is without a doubt that we’ll all have fun cheering him on.