Craig Hutton

Craig_HuttoIn 2005, at the age of 16, Craig Hutto’s Florida vacation came to an abrupt end. As his parents watched from the beach, Craig and his brother Brian waded out into waist-deep water to do some fishing. Craig felt a bump on his leg, but within minutes a shark swept him underwater in an attempt to pull him out into the ocean. Brian held on to his brother to prevent the shark from dragging Craig out to sea.

Strangers, including several nurses, came to Craig’s aid until the ambulance could arrive to take him to the hospital. He survived the shark attack, but lost his right leg above the knee and suffered nerve damage in both hands. Craig says that he felt added pressure due to the nature and notoriety of the accident. Everyone watched and waited to see how he would adjust.

No surprise to those who know Craig best, he returned to school earlier than doctors had predicted. He maintained a 3.9 GPA at Lebanon High School and began speaking to schools and civic groups about what he describes as “the curve ball that life threw him” that day in Florida.

Craig says his keys to success are his faith, the ability to keep a positive attitude and perseverance. Because of his perseverance, Craig recently completed a triathlon. He plans to attend Middle Tennessee State University and hope to become a Nurse Anesthetist and continue his public speaking.