Chelsea Clem

Chelsea_ClemChelsea Clem describes her life as one big emotional roller coaster after another. She believes that obstacles are put in your way to make you stronger, and if you want something badly enough, you can achieve anything.

Like many children today, Chelsea grew up with an abusive parent who struggled with substance abuse. She recalls many nights spent in fear and frustration, rather than focusing on her school work.

A fire destroyed Chelsea’s home, leaving her to cope with not only the loss of all of her possessions, but also the injuries her father sustained—Chelsea’s father suffered burns to more than 48 percent of his body.

Following the fire, Chelsea’s life at home remained difficult. Through her faith and the support of her friends, she kept her goals in sight and maintained a 3.9 GPA at Hendersonville High School, while also playing basketball, volleyball and varsity softball. Chelsea also credits drawing and painting with helping her deal with stressful times.

Chelsea plans to attend the University of Tennessee or Austin Peay University and hopes to pursue medical school at Vanderbilt University.