Brianna Lowman

Brianna LowmanYou would never know that this young woman spent her early years living with a drug-addicted mother with,all the chaos that brought to her home life. She came to live with her father at age eight. He moved Brianna to Tennessee from Pennsylvania. At first angry and unhappy, she focused herself and her anger on schoolwork. Soon she was placed in advanced classes, out-achieving most of her peers.

Looking at her high school transcript, you notice that she is graduating in just three years with a high GPA. Next you see her Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment coursework, followed by her roles in leadership positions, and her membership in the National Honor Society. Her guidance counselor remarked that she knows Brianna has a great future and that she has been a blessing to know.

Of her success thus far, Brianna says: “I thank God every day for guiding me down the right road.”, Brianna will attend Union University and will become a Labor and Delivery nurse.