Martina Jackson

“When she needs a calculator for math class, I want to provide it. When she needs tutoring sessions, I want to have it in order.”

Now I don’t know about you, but those are not the typical words that most 18 year old high school seniors are saying this time of year. But, those were the words of Martina Jackson in her application describing why she was striving to overcome the challenges she’s faced so far, so that she can provide for her daughter, Kadriana and become a nurse.

And don’t doubt it one bit — a nurse Martina will become.

From experiencing “chinese torture” to finally having her father removed from her house at age 5, to watching her mother decide that she didn’t want to be a mother any longer, Martina has survived and thrived. After finding short solace with a sister in Nashville she ended up homeless for over six months, yet still managed to take AP European History, Biology Honors and English Honors. She will earn her Certified Nursing Assistants license by the time she finishes high school

Did I mention she also has a beautiful daughter to take care of?

As Carla Robinson, her school counselor, stated in Martina’s submission letter, “Martina is well respected b yher peers and the faculty. I don’t know any student who has lived the concept of ‘pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps’ more than Martina.”

A nurse? Not a doubt.