Cristin Hatley

cristin_hatleyWith minimal resources and support, Cristin Hatley had sustained herself through the greatest of hardships, including the death of her mother.

Cristin’s parents divorced when she was in sixth grade and she had little contact with her father. She lived with her mother, who battled diabetes and the severe conditions that can come with it. As Cristin entered seventh grade, her mother’s 21 year bout with diabetes resulted in kidney failure.

With no one else to help, Cristin became her mom’s sole caregiver. At 14, the emotions were hard to handle as her mother’s health worsened. Cristin obtained a hardship license in ninth grade allowing her to drive to school, grocery shop and help handle the finances. She cared for her mom giving her shots, checking her blood sugar and driving her to doctor’s appointments.

Cristin’s hero was dying and everyday she wished for her to stop suffering and recover from the bald head with a catheter coming from it and burns on her mouth from stomach conditions. Cristin spent every night with her mom, until she passed on April 8, 2004.

It has been hard but Cristin has carried on through her mom’s strength and life lessons. Cristin faithfully came to school, completed her assignments, maintained a B+ average and held a job while in 11th and 12th grades. She has never complained or made excuses or felt sorry for herself showing only great courage, maturity and unselfishness.

These qualities will be a tremendous gift as she pursues a career in the nursing field. Cristin will attend Middle Tennessee State University’s nursing school this fall. She hopes to be successful in her career, independent and to make her mom proud.